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From optimising our systems to helping us inspect our assets, we’re looking for innovations that can disrupt our sector and enhance our operations.


Systems Optimisation

FK began life as roofing contractors back in 1979, and have worked their way to become one of the UK’s leading full building envelope specialists. Our focus is on innovation, applying new thinking, exploring and refining ideas. We are looking for technological solutions that enhance our service offering to our clients by improving our internal process and optimising our current systems.

In particular, we would like to hear from startups who can provide a seamless solution for extracting CAD designs and integrating with other models and systems. We are also interested to see if there are solutions that can take fabrication information and easily link with estimating software to enable accurate predictive estimation.


Drones & Virtual Inspections

Currently, FK utilises man-power to complete inspections on an installed product as well as inspecting the structure of a building prior, or during installation. This can be a costly, time-consuming exercise that can pose health and safety risks.

We are looking for startups that can help make this a virtual process. As such we have an interest in advanced, remote inspection tools and platforms that can enable FK to deliver these same services to a high standard but without the cost, time considerations and health and safety risks to employees. This could include VTOL hardware for building inspection, Machine learning and advanced image analytics solutions for QA testing of installed products, a platform to analyse and monitor inspection results or AR/VR solutions.



Roofing is a large part of the operational delivery of FK’s business for clients. Currently, the roofing secure process is done entirely by hand, including fixing, seaming and checking the roof materials during installation. We are looking for robotic solutions that can disrupt this way of working. In particular, we are looking for Robotic tools and hardware which can standardise roof fixings, magnetic-based installation robots which can screw or drill into the roof to secure it to the structure or other robotics systems that can aid our work.


Tracking & Parts

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at FK, from the materials we use to the high-calibre service and delivery we provide to our clients. Ensuring quality and oversight of all parts and supplies coming to site is paramount to FK’s delivery for its clients. As such we are looking for tools and systems that can provide transparency on our materials entire journey from the point of origin to onsite. This can include solutions that offer advanced scanning technology for on-site material, track and trace solutions or geo-fencing capabilities. We are also interested in hearing from startups who have Digital Twin capabilities that will allow us to ‘twin’ our assets which can enhance our operations and delivery staff’s capabilities.



We can’t tell you what we don’t know so we want to hear from teams who think they can transform our business. That’s what the wildcard is all about.

What does the future of glazing, cladding and roofing look like in 10 years? What other technologies might be relevant for either the operational front-end or the office back-end of the FK business?

If you have an idea which isn’t listed under the categories above but is relevant to FK Group, then please apply. Surprise us!